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Noise and Vibrations With Mitsubishi AC/Heat Pump

bmr828 | Posted in Mechanicals on

im getting hot and cold spots all over my apartment
even in the bottom of my tub

there is a three ton Mitsubishi ac/heat pump directly under my floors
attached from the lobby area where this system is in the ceiling

I live above this lobby
the compressor is located in the garage
I m getting noise and vibrations
some could be the lights Sine day it could be the hot water lines
I dont know but it very annoying
can you offer me your expertise on this issue
I have  pictures if Horrendous  condition

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    You have to do a bit better job of translation and describing your problem. A couple of pictures of the installation or even a hand sketch would help.

  2. bmr828 | | #2

    I sent pictures of hot spots deliver my floors and under my tub
    What jersey do you need?

  3. bmr828 | | #3

    No explicit answer

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