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A bone to pick with Polylok septic D-boxes!

JMRtbay | Posted in General Questions on

I’m working away at my property development for my “Pretty Good House” build. The most recent project was a septic system. It was a rather traditional system with a 1015gal concrete tank and 220’ worth of Infiltrator chambers. 

My local precast concrete place had all the supplies and stocked Polylok brand d-boxes, seals, levelers etc. 

Has anyone else also had a very poor experience with Polylok d-box seals not working worth a damn? I ended up using a gasket maker sealant on both the pipe and the seals themselves to get a watertight connection. 

Prior to the sealant, the entire area around the box became saturated during testing. 

Is this a common scenario? Do most d-boxes leak a little?

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