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A discussion on mildewcides and fungicides in paints.

GreyWolf92 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Good afternoon all,

I am near the process of painting/staining my walls/ceiling/cabinets in my tiny house.

I will be getting low/no voc products but I wanted to see if anyone has any experience using a no-mildewcide paint and how it is holding up?

Some high quality, low voc paints such as Eco’s and Safecoat have no mildewcides but I am wondering if the downsides of no-mildewcide paints end up becoming problematic.

Specifically, I am wondering:
1) if no mildewcide paints are ok for bathrooms (with steam from showers).
2) A good water-based (very dark color) stain for my exposed ceiling joists above my bathroom.

The paints I am looking at are:

With mildewcide:
Benjamin Moore

AFM Safecoat

Still unsure about the stain.

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