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A mix of building science, advanced products & FREE BEER!

albertrooks | Posted in PassivHaus on

Announcing PHnw 5!

The Northwest best mixture of building science presentations mixed with advanced product vendors in ventilation, windows, air barriers, water restive barriers, co2 heat pumps and all of the latest gadgetry to produce any type of low energy building enclosure: PH, NZE, LBC PGH.

Thursday March 29th: Advanced Classes (limited seating) (class info coming soon)

Thursday March 29th Basic Passive House Design Principles course here: (By Passive House Academy)

Main Event: FRIDAY MARCH 29th Portland Oregon registration:

This year we continue the tradition of the 0.6 Pack. This annual award of a 6 pack of good quality beer is offered to those who have produced a project meeting the Passive House air sealing requirement. If you’ve been part of a project that had a blower door test result of 0.6ACH 50 or better, and would like your 0.6 pack, please send us your info: Your Name – The Project Name – City/state – Test month

Please send it to: [email protected]

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  1. albertrooks | | #1

    Oh yeah... You have to come to the conference to get a 0.6pack.

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