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A real use of GEO-T systems with 100%Priority HW series

JP Jon Pierce | Posted in Mechanicals on

Specifically who has installed systems with the full condensing series DeSuperheater-Priority HW On-Demand that as HVAC-GT-HW-Reclaims all of the heat from a cooling mode? It also acts as a DeSuperheater in heating mode, and can continue in a convection of hot water heating if plumbed for that. and other applications as well.
Please let me know why not , if not. I As a rep until July 2011, I had several dealers installing and about 15 that I put in. (not like units that shut down to make HW and then go back to cooling in parallel; this is about SERIES flow refrigeration units for Heat-Recovery while in a cooling mode, with loop or source water flow off-line, at that time) Have you inastalled any without ground-loops or as GT but just for heat-revocery, to say pre-heat water for those needing air-conditioning/dehumidification?

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