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A temporary situation for new people registering on GBA

Martin Holladay | Posted in General Questions on

As our I.T. team tries to find a good way to block Chinese companies which have been flooding our site with spam, we need to temporarily stop accepting new registrations for the GBA site. (I’m talking about the free registration that is necessary before you can post a question or post a comment.)

We anticipate that this situation will only last for a few days. Once we get a handle on a way to fix the spam problem, the site will once again accept new registrations.

Anyone who wants to become a GBA subscriber can still subscribe at any time.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience.

— Martin Holladay, senior editor

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  1. BillDietze | | #1

    Well that cut down on the spam. Good luck with the final solution.

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