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Dayna | Posted in General Questions on

We are building a house with AAC block, for better IAQ, due to reactions I previously  suffered in new building materials each time I moved into a newly built houses over the past 30 years. I moved into newly built houses 3 times over past 30 years, and each time I had worsened asthma and migraines and fatigue symptoms, etc. Until the pat few years,  I had no idea that off-gassing of new building materials were causing my negative health issues but reactions became evident, even if it was hard to believe, but proven true, once I build another home recently with healthier materials in PA.  I began studying up on building biology and have even consulted with author and certified building biologist Paula Baker LaPorte but she is not familiar with building in Florida climate, so I need to find someone that is.  I want to avoid the same fate I suffered with negative health issues as we build our new home in Florida, and with different climate I want use differ materials and avoid wood framing due to termites and terpenes and naturally occurring formaldehyde, mold potential, etc., but I am  having trouble finding a contractor experienced in AAC block or chemical sensitivities…so I just joined this forum to see if someone with previous experience with AAC or MCS on this site can give me any advise? I sincerely appreciate your help. Have a blessed day🙏🏻

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  1. user-5946022 | | #1

    AAC is mostly used in commercial construction. You need to find that unicorn contractor experienced in AAC who is also willing to do residential. May be impossible in this climate - everyone has far more project opportunities than they can execute, so they take the most lucrative ones only.

    I'd start by calling the AAC suppliers in your area. They know who they sell to. Here is one AAC mfg in Florida:
    Google around and you will find more.
    Doubtful any AAC contractor would take a residential project but maybe they have a recently retired super willing to take that on.

    You need an EXCELLENT and HIGHLY SKILLED, HIGHLY DETAIL AND PLANNING oriented residential GC as overall lead on this, and the AAC contractor needs to be their sub. The GC needs to plan everything that they are not accustomed to prior to the build. There are residential GC's in FL who build CMU homes, and there should be similarities, so you should be able to find one. Problem is in this environment it will be on their terms. May be difficult to build sticking with low VOC, etc. even if you are on site every day. Subs just do whatever they want, and if you won't let them do that, they walk off the job and you have to find someone to replace them.

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