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Sheathing Gap at Roof Ridge Line

lesprice | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

We are building a new house in climate zone 4 that will have an unvented attic (roof deck filled with oc foam). The framers left a gap in the sheathing at the ridge beam of about 1 inch. Is this acceptable, or should I require them to fix it?

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    It is common to leave a gap there as it is needed for a ridge vent. No problem to leave it as is and seal up with SPF.

    ocSPF only roofs need conditioning in your climate. Make sure you have provisions for this.

    1. lesprice | | #3

      OK, you leave a gap when there is going to be a ridge vent. why do you leave a gap when there is not going to be a ridge vent and have the foam sprayed into the gap and above the roof deck uncontrolled. To me, it's either sloppy workmanship or they actually thought that the roofers would come along and saw cut the real ridge vent gap.

      If by "conditioning" you meant humidity control, yes I will have it. Thanks;

  2. Expert Member


    The only potential issue is that in some high seismic zones the connection is required to maintain the roof as a structural diaphragm. barring that, as Akos said, it's a pretty typical practice.

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