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Soffit Vents and Vinyl Siding

ThirtyWest | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Hello all. I was wondering if there is any benefit to blocking off the first 6 or 8 inches of my soffit vent(house side). From what I understand BSC recommends putting the soffit vent as far away from the house as possible to keep the warmer air from the siding out of the vent baffles. That doesn’t really work with a vinyl configuration though. I am using accuvent cathedral extensions on pre-existing starters. Ice dams have-not been much of an issue as of yet, but what little air goes through the accuvent had been exiting into a cold attic. My concern isa that now any warm siding air will have only the narrow accuvent to exhaust through from soffit to ridge. Maybe I’m over thinking this but I just want to get it right and I don’t mind putting in the extra time to do so. Thanks for any insight.

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