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Acrylic Sealants Compatible with Zip?

lance_p | Posted in General Questions on

I will eventually have to source the proper zip liquid flash sealant for detailing my wall to foundation connection, but until that time I only need to fill nail holes in zip wall sheathing from partially overdriven fasteners. Are there certain acrylic sealants that would be compatible with zip, or do I have to get the proper liquid flash in the sausage gun format? I don’t mind loading the sausage gun for a single large continuous job like sealing the foundation to wall, but for periodic use during wall framing it’s a pain. Thanks.

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  1. insaneirish | | #1

    Huber sells Zip Liquid Flash in 10 oz and 29 oz tubes as well.

    Another simple option for overdriven fasteners is cutting a bunch of 2" squares of a tape with a release liner (e.g. 3M 8067) and slapping them up as needed.

    1. lance_p | | #2

      Thanks for the info - I was not aware of the other container formats. First time builder here, building my own place.

      I thought about squares of tape, but holy moly does that ever seem like a lot of time and effort! I think for the main floor at least I'll seal the wall-to-foundation detail at the same time as sealing the nail holes. On the second floor I may have no choice but to buy smaller container sizes and seal wall-by-wall as they are ready to be stood up.

      1. insaneirish | | #4

        Well, you shouldn't have that many overdriven fasteners! It happens, of course, but if it's happening a lot, you need to adjust the gun and/or regulator.

        1. lance_p | | #6

          Agreed, but it's a delicate balance when you have to angle the gun slightly when nailing on edge vs nailing straight when nailing in the field. The edges of exposed nails on an angle can cut the tape when rolled on so I like to have those ones as flush as possible.

          Also, if you miss a stud the nail can blow pretty deep into the panel. These are my greatest concern since the panel material is very stiff/brittle and the panel can burst open from the back, creating a certain air leak.

  2. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #3

    Cutting and installing squares of tape isn't quite as tedious as it sounds, but it's easier to use a fluid-applied sealant. I have had builders use silicone, which Huber doesn't address one way or the other. But it would be better to use Liquidflash, or a Prosoco product, which is very similar in composition.

    1. sethcooper94 | | #5

      Yeah +1 for this guy. Use prosoco fast flash. You can get it on Amazon in a sausage tube. You need an STP sealant not an acrylic. Fast flash is compatible with zip because they allow their windows to be liquid flashed with it so it will be totally fine on the nail hole penetration too. I am actually using zip liquid flash for my entire joint sealing on my house because it is about 10$ cheaper per tube than Hubers liquid flash and a better product.

      1. lance_p | | #7

        Did you mean to say the Prosoco liquid flash is cheaper than the Zip product?

      2. insaneirish | | #9

        > I am actually using zip liquid flash for my entire joint sealing on my house because it is about 10$ cheaper per tube than Hubers liquid flash and a better product.

        Assuming you mean that Prosoco is cheaper/"better", you should know there's a good chance that the Huber/Zip Liquid Flash is made by Prosoco and simply black instead of red.

  3. Deleted | | #8


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