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  1. daniel0753 | | #1

    A second story addition is a smart choice if you are want the extra room in your house but do not want or can not do a ground floor addition. If your home is already as large as is allowed on your lot than a second story addition may be the only way to go. A second story addition also can change the look of your house much more than a ground level addition. There are also some drawbacks to a second story additon - they typically cost more than a ground level addition per square foot of added floor space because the required stair case takes up 70 plus square feet of living space and there may need to be structural changes to your home. A second story addition is more likely to require you to move out of your home versus typical ground level additions. The quick answer is Yes a second story addition is harder than a first but each home and project is unique so try and speak with an architect or contractor about your options. You can get a instant second story cost estimate at The cost estimate from the calculator will give you an idea of the cost so you can set your initial budget

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Your question is hard to interpret.

    In general, it is (of course) harder to add a second story onto an existing house than to frame a single-story house of the same area.

    When you ask whether it is "harder," what aspects of the work are you thinking about? Are you doing the work yourself? Are you worried about climbing ladders?

    Or are you wondering about how long the construction schedule will last?

    Or are you wondering about the cost?

    Your best bet is to talk to an architect or residential designer. Every house is different. A second-story addition is easier on some homes than on others.

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