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Adding AC to existing NG furnace… upgrade to full electric?

ohioandy | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

A neighbor with an older house is pricing out installation of an A-coil air conditioner to her existing gas furnace and ductwork.  Contractor is spec’ing a run-of-the mill Rheem unit.  Is it possible to upgrade to a hyperheat split unit–installed as you would the old-fashioned A-coil in the supply plenum–that includes both cooling AND heating?  Thus the house retains the existing equipment for distribution but relegates NG to backup only.

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  1. paul_wiedefeld | | #1

    Yes, this is an extremely vanilla set up. You can even skip the hyper heat if the house retains the furnace for the coldest days.

    1. Expert Member
      Akos | | #2

      Is there a hyper heat in an A frame coil? I think most Greenspeed units are not vapor injection.

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