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Adding new siding in wet or damp conditions

DANIEL LAJOIE | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

From a best practices standpoint along with manufacturer’s recommendations, when installing over the plywood sheathing; building paper (15# tar paper), 1/2″ rain screen and ‘Hardiplank” horizontal siding, should all of the surfaces be dry before installation?

Our rainy season in Portland is almost upon us and I want to know if it’s ok to install these materials when any of these surfaces are wet or will this end up creating a situation where I’ll regret it later. Seems like I see this all of the time. Please advise.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Don't worry -- put up your siding, rain or shine.

    All of the materials you mention will dry to the exterior. Once the sun hits the wall -- something that happens in Portland every three or four months -- drying will be very rapid, even through the #15 asphalt felt. The rainscreen will help speed drying.

  2. Troy Farwell | | #2

    I live in Portland and put up siding on a new shop building last fall. I did exactly what you described here - #15 felt, rain screen, then siding. Everything dried out fine with no issues. I did wait until I was sure it was dry until I painted it.

    Good luck.

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