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Ads on GBA prime

Marc Labrie | Posted in General Questions on

Over the last week I’ve noticed the appearance of advertisement on GBA prime. Is this due to a technical problem or is it the result of a change in vision?

My decision to join GBA prime was motivated by the fact that it would be free of ads. I’m sorry to say that if this is the direction that Taunton Press wishes to follow, that once my membership runs its course that I will regrettably not be renewing.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Thanks for your comment. I've noticed the same issue ... increasing ads on GBA. I've discussed the issue with Taunton, and I hope we'll have a positive resolution (fewer ads for GBA Prime members).

    We always appreciate feedback from subscribers -- again, thanks.

  2. Tim_Montague | | #2

    I'd like to figure out how one of my customers can advertise on GBA. I tried the phone number but got to a human who had no clue. Can someone email me info about advertising options?
    [email protected]

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