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Aerobarrier or blower door/fog

canadianexpy | Posted in General Questions on


So I am at the stage in my build where I have to decide on blower door testing.
Do I go with Aerobarrier or have someone come in and do a blower door test with fog ( or something similar) to find leaks. I hope to get below 1.5ach@50  or closer to 1 would be nice.

The house is pre drywall right now.
Exterior Walls are 3m taped and covered in 2 layers of 3″ polyiso, foundation is ICF, sill plates used EDM gaskets, sheathing was caulked when installed. All penetration are Zip stretch taped, window and doors are 3M taped and spray foamed. Ceiling is 6mm poly taped to top plate. All attic penetration ( wires,etc.)are sealed.( No hatch it’s outside)

So Aerobarrier is $3600CDN comes with the 5 gal of their product, they figure that I should be able to get below 1.5ach@50   $200 gal if more needed.
Local blower door testing goes for around $1000 and they point out leaks. 
Of course can’t guarantee any final results. 
I am also not sure if I should install the ceiling drywall first, it will be on 12″ on center strapping.
What’s people’s thoughts or experiences with blower door / Aerobarrier? 

Also thoughts on the ceiling drywall? ( Install or wait)
Should a blow in my attic cellulose before either test? 

Thanks again Dave

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  1. Trevor_Lambert | | #1

    If you had even moderately competent people doing the taping and whatnot, Aerobarrier is going to be a waste of money. A blower door test will most likely indicate you don't need to do anything else. I'd shop around on the blower door test, that prince is quite high. I think I paid about $300, maybe $400 (C$). Whereabouts are you?

    Oh, and definitely do it before drywall, otherwise very difficult to find and correct leaks if you do end up having any.

    1. canadianexpy | | #2

      Thanks Trevor
      I am located 1hr east of Toronto On, I was only looking at doing the ceiling drywall.
      I was the person doing all the air sealing, I hope I am competent person.
      I forgotten to mention we are installing a propane fireplace ( wife's one demand) I still haven't figured out the air sealing around the ceiling penetration for it.

      1. Trevor_Lambert | | #3

        I would contact Barrier Sciences Group, that's who did mine. I think they service most of Ontario.

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