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Aesthetically pleasing / subtle options for ERV terminations / registers.

alexdorf | Posted in Interior Design on

Hi all, 

In building a custom residential home, I’ve been able to convince the client to include an ERV in their new build so that they can breathe fresh air. Like many homeowners, they’re mostly concerned with the finishes, and in this case want the terminations/vents/registers for the ERV’s to be as subtle as possible. 

Anyone with some input or product suggestions? 


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  1. iwatson | | #1

    Interior or exterior?

    For interior I recently purchased a grill for my bathroom exhaust from RegistersAndHardware on Etsy and was very happy with the quality and aesthetics.

    1. alexdorf | | #2

      Thank you! great idea. Although, I feel like they're going to want something Mud-in, we may go with Titus for this.

  2. Expert Member
    Akos | | #3

    ERV flow rates are very small, any of the mud in ones will work just fine. You can look at Aria vent or mud in linear diffusers (the plenum for these tends to be deep for a wall).

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