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Air barrier for 100 year old home

nynick | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

We’re renovating the entire home in Zone 5, part of which is removing and replacing the siding, windows etc. The 100 year old sheathing are 1″ boards of various widths. I’m guessing some shiplap, some butt joint. The current thinking is 2 inch Poly Iso on the exterior, rain screen then cement board. Probably Rockwool on the interior.

I’d like to use some kind of air barrier wrap that’s taped and sealed , as I’m trying to build as tight an envelope as possible, but Zip seems like overdoing it as I already have sheathing and there’s no way I’m using Tyvek.

What are my options? Thanks in advance,

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  1. kyle_r | | #1

    There are a few self adhered air tight WRBs I have personally used Henry’s VP100 and it worked great. However, these are much more expensive than standard house wrap.

  2. nynick | | #2

    Thank you Kyle. I'll check into similar products. While cost is always a factor, I'm willing to pony up for air tightness and this kind of wrap is half the price of re-sheathing with Zip.

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