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Arlene DiMarino | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I was wondering if anyone has experience with Air-Krete insulation. I have been researching it and so far have come up with no negatives except the high price.

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  1. Steve El | | #2

    Did you limit your research to technical performance issues, or did you also look into what's involved in the manufacturing process and disposal methods after use? If the stuff is really ecologically benign I'd like to hear about it.

  2. Alan Rushforth | | #3

    I was a prior Air Krete contractor/installer 15 years back. After diving in, buying equipment, advertizing, etc. I was dissappointed that, much though I did not want to believe it, I was finding the product did shrink a few percent. Part of the proceedure was to fill a 5 gallon test bucket, scrap it level, and weigh it. I would keep the buckets and let them dry. It was dissappointing to see the foam inside noticeably shrink after several weeks. The line from the manufactures would likely be there was something wrong with the installer or the equipment. I had brand new equipment. I am a stickler for detail, so I don't by that.
    The product of course is crumbly, and I could live with that, given other good non-toxic traits, but combining the crumblyness with the shrinkage to me meant compromized air seal. In my opinion, creating a good air seal is a primary reason one pays the extra money for foam.
    I stopped installing it. I couldn't see selling the equipment since I did not believe in it, so I dismantled it. Recently I insulated a new second floor on my home - used Icynene. That is not a commercial plug. I am no longer in any insulation business.

    1. Naturalbuilderiowa | | #4

      Hi Alan,
      I'm in the market for used AirKrete equipment. Do you still have it? I'd buy it from you, even being fully aware of the downsides.

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