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Air Krete installation

PSTZwe4WZb | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

A freidn of mine had air krete installed in his existing brick condo. He is highly sensitive to materilas and also had cellulose blown in the attic. Ever since her has been unable to tolerate living there…his throat dries out and his tongue swells. Thoughts on curing this situation. Thanks

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  1. Foamer | | #1


    We install both of these materials and have never had any issues. If your friend is reacting to one of them, I would suspect the cellulose. The borate that it contains can be quite irritating. Air Krete on the other hand is extremely benign with no outgassing. Assuming that the attic was properly sealed off from the living area before the cellulose was blown, a proper cleaning to get rid of any dust left over from the installation may be all that is needed.

    Another possibility is that the now tighter building envelope is trapping pollutants that were previously able to escape. An indoor air quality analysis should clarify the issues.

  2. davidmeiland | | #2

    This sounds like a medical issue to me. I would not be asking questions on a construction website--not even one as good as GBA--if my tongue was swelling.

  3. wjrobinson | | #3


  4. jklingel | | #4

    See an allergist asap. Swelling could well happen in the throat, too.

  5. user-1042388 | | #5

    Here is some more info on cellulose insulation:

  6. PSTZwe4WZb | | #6

    that link didn't work......:(

  7. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #7

    I don't know anything about the author (Deyanda Flint) of that article on cellulose dangers. But in addition to having problems with English grammar, she also has problems with scientific objectivity and journalistic ethics. Her opinions can be safely ignored.

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