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Air Krete Insulation – looking for some people with experience

user-1003066 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Hello there – I am working on retrofitting a brownstone in Brooklyn NY to near Passive House standards. Considering using Air Krete – I would love to hear some feedback; at first it looks like a good product save to install and enviro friendly; also they state a high R value !
any comments are appreciated.

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  1. user-971748 | | #1

    Also working on this project with Dominik.
    We have an existing 12" masonry wall in a landmarked building. Interior timber studs creating a 4" cavity, which is somewhat flexible.

    Is there a moisture barrier and/or a vapour retarder needed between the existing masonry wall and the airkrete?
    - Water infiltration: we are concerned about water infiltration from the exterior through the existing brick wall into the masonry based Airkrete.
    - Vapour Infiltration: from exterior, under Summer conditions.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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