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Air sealing this soffit?

JoshAt | Posted in General Questions on

Apologies in advance for the potential newb question.

I live in a 1.5 story ‘chalet’ (a gabled roof) built in ’73. The roof was replaced in the early 2000’s and it looks like they’ve vented between the top and the deck by drilling sets of 3 small holes. Under the open eave, there’s what looks to be a soffit (below the thinner plank with the holes drilled).

That soffit is completely unsealed on all four sides. When I’m inside looking down at the floor where the floor meets the angled roof, I can see light. I threw some 3M all weather tape over the top of it earlier today to confirm that’s where the light was leaking and indeed it is.

Is it safe to caulk this soffit? What’s the correct terminology for this roof style and piece?

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  1. JoshAt | | #1

    Additional pictures of what the other bedroom looks like and how the floor meets the roof grade as well as the knee wall partially reduced and inside the HVAC chase. The red arrow points at a black line that is the tape from the outside: if I remove the tape, light shines through.

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