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Air sealing wired smoke detectors

rondeaunotrondo | Posted in General Questions on

I can’t seem to find this answer in the forum.

I’m having connected wired smoke detectors installed in the bedrooms of our 1.5fl 1915 bungalow. Obviously they will be going into the ceiling with small attic above which I have no access to (running a wire from the kneewall). What is the best way to ask the electrician to install it, to keep air leakage to a minimum? He states it will be a 4″ hole x 3 detectors.

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    Ask the electrician to install fiberglass reinforced device boxes. These typically have much fewer holes in them and some even come with a foam gasket where the wires go through. Once installed you can spray foam or caulk between the device box and the hole in the ceiling.

    Without access above, there aren't many options for a good seal.

  2. rondeaunotrondo | | #2

    Thanks Akos. Will do.

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