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Air-Sealing an HVAC Line Set

jameshowison | Posted in General Questions on

The Airex wall entry things look useful for air sealing HVAC lineset entry.

However all their documentation shows linesets with round insulation (or where one line isn’t insulated at all.  minisplit linesets are both insulated and stuck together, forming more of a “figure 8” shape.

I’m confused whether/how the Airex Titan round shape can seal around these lines.  Their tech support number just said, “cinch it down real tight”.

Anyone got any experience with that? Feels like you’d never cinch a circle down to really seal against the figure 8 lineset.  Maybe everything just crushes down and the lineset insulation re-expands enough?

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  1. capecodhaus | | #1

    I would imagine you would need to use silicon caulking to fill any irregular gaps when cinching it down tight, which would make me look for a different solution to the problem in the first place. I may be mistaken but it looks like a radiator hose with a clamp, like you said its probably not a perfect seal or solution and the customer service seems to express similar.

  2. monkeyman9 | | #2

    I use one of those round tubes with the flange through the wall, then spray foam around it after. Seems to seal pretty well. I suppose these plus spray foam would be even better!

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