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Seeking Opinions on Great Stuff Pro Sealant Gasket

dfvellone | Posted in General Questions on

Is anyone familiar with Great Stuff Pro water based polyurethane foam sealant gasket? While searching for options for my upcoming airtight drywall project, I discovered that G.S. markets this product specifically as a drywall gasket material.

Any input on experience with this product would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Daniel

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  1. 1869farmhouse | | #1

    Will you be hanging the drywall yourself?

    I’ve never used the product, but my problem with the airtight drywall approach is that you’re relying on precision work for the lowest cost labor in a home. I do pretty much everything myself, from framing to plumbing - but I don’t hang sheet rock because it’s just not worth the time. If I gave this product to any Sheetrock crew I’ve ever worked with, I know I’d just be flushing my money down the drain.

    Edit: How is it supposed to be different than construction adhesive? More flexible?

  2. dfvellone | | #2

    Yes, I will be hanging the drywall myself- 5/8" blueboard that will be skim coated with plaster.

    I believe one of the differences between this and construction adhesive is that, if I understand correctly, it sounds like it's not an adhesive but a liquid gasket which, after application, is left to cure. The drywall is then hung. If it in fact forms a quality gasket it would be a cost effective and labor-saving approach. I haven't yet priced the gun, but if it's in the same ballbark as the gun for their other products it'll be worth the investment to test the product. Hoping that, with all the attention to air sealing I read about here there may be a builder or two familiar with it.

    Thanks, Daniel

    1. 1869farmhouse | | #3

      Sounds like a great plan to me. Following for input, hopefully someone has used it. No better way to air seal then doing it yourself - nobody will have the same attention to detail!

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