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Airtight sliding doors?

CramerSilkworth | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Hi All,

Does anyone out there know of manufacturers of very airtight (ie, passivehouse level, or close) sliding glass doors? And maybe – though this is a long shot – also Dade county (hurricane) compliant?


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  1. user-788447 | | #1

    This topic has been discussed at least once on this forum in the past.
    Might be worth searching for the earlier conversation.

    Some European Passivhaus window manufacturers produce sliding doors. Both expensive and don't have the air tightness specs that the tilt-turn windows have.

  2. Mike Eliason | | #2

    regarding airtightness - i don't know any sliding doors near PH levels. there are lift-slides that are relatively airtight and have superior performance. one's i'm familiar with mfr'd in EU, and i don't think any are dade county compliant.

    a few reps/mfr's offhand:

  3. gusfhb | | #3

    Everything that slides is going to be worse than everything that swings, just the nature of seals. Unless you have an overwhelming and irrational stylistic reason, use a swinging door.

    I had just such urgings and ended up building my own sliders, which seem to seal, in my opinion, better than a 'good' slider. They are not passivhaus good, for several reasons.

    they also saved me at least twelve grand over most of the alternatives.....

    there were several good alternatives suggested on my 'site built sliders' thread

    'Loewen' looked nice, triple pane nice looking. My [custom] size 6k a pop tho.........

  4. w5mRKW6vhr | | #4

    The NDSU Passive House used Energate sliding glass doors in their project, which are apparently Passivhaus certified. They certainly were substantial-looking. The Energate website is oddly quiet on the product other than a single press release, but you may have some luck following up with them.

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