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An open thank you letter for GBA’s help making my house more efficient

user-1107451 | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

To Martin and all at GBA,

Im a home owner (built 2007) 2700 sq ft Colonial in Rockland County NY (Zone 5)

Ive been following various discussions on reduction in energy bills by increasing insulation and sealing the airleaks

By adding 6′ of loose blown cellulose to the R38 in the attic (used GreenFibre and machine from Lowes) and filling the ceiling of garage (has fibreglass batts but huge airgap so used the Greenfibre machine to dense pack the ceiling and completely fill the space.
I airsealed the rim joists and top plates/attic as well

My electricity bills (A/C) have halved from the year before (1580 to 774 kwh July is the worst month) and June was also half as well from the year before.

Far from Passivhaus (far too many windows, even double paned, walls too thin) but Im very happy with the results.

I thank you all for your help as I wouldnt have known where to start and I will be interested to see how much gas I will save this winter.


Darren Finch

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Thanks for reporting back on your retrofit work. We are always glad to hear of our readers' results!

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