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Analyzing current conditions (basement/crawlspace/outside temps)

nateflanigan | Posted in General Questions on

Hi – Current conditions at my house in zone 4

Darksky claims –
Outside temp: 80 deg
Humidity: 30%
Dew point: 44 deg

Sensor Push in basement – 
Temp: 69.7 deg
Relative humidity: 54.6 %
Dew point: 52.7 deg

Sensor push in crawl space-
Temp: 65.1 deg
Relative Humidity: 62.5%
Dew point 52 deg

My basement and crawlspace are connected by a foundation window, currently that window is blocked with a foam panel. The crawlspace is sealed. I’ve been wondering if I should re-connect them and install one of those low cfm fans expelling air from the crawl space. The goal would be to keep down humidity level both in those spaces and the rest of the house. 

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