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Insulating a Pole Barn

camsides | Posted in General Questions on

I am a Builder and Remodeler in NW WA. I have a pole barn on my property which has my office and shop. It’s finally time to address the horrendous insulation situation. It has a slab floor, and standard horizontal 2×6 girts 24″OC.

Originally I planned to remove the metal siding, and install osb (with taped seams) with a WRB on top of that, and then re-install the siding. I am wondering about using 1″ EPS with the metallic faces, right on the 2×6 girts. (1″ because there are essentially no roof overhangs at all, Can’t go out much.)

I am wondering if this was detailed well, and taped, if a WRB would be necessary, and if so, would it go on top of the foam, or behind? On the inside, would that much foam be enough here, (4C) to stop condensation? I will likely add fiberglass batts on the inside, in vertical studs, and drywall (or plywood) wall finish. Any help clarifying my thoughts would be appreciated!

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  1. GBA Editor
    Kiley Jacques | | #1

    Hi Cameron,

    You do have a challenge on your hands, which is why we have an entire article devoted to this topic: Insulating a Pole Barn (and innumerable Q&A thread conversations, which Martin's article links to).

  2. camsides | | #2

    I read the article earlier, and there are many great ideas and insights in there. I am just wondering with the current cost of 1" foam being much cheaper than osb or plywood, if that is a viable option?

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #3


      Rather than forgo the WRB, maybe adding the sheathing is unnecessary?

      1. camsides | | #4

        That's probably the best way to go! Thank you for the idea and link!

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