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Another Video

homedesign | Posted in PassivHaus on

I recently stumbled on this video…..
No snappy vests… but still a very interesting perspective from Ireland
nice mock-ups too

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  1. user-757117 | | #1

    I think the service cavity is an under-appreciated element...

    And I like how the "euros" have these building components that are all designed to work together - a bit like building with Lego blocks.

  2. albertrooks | | #2


    I'm going to have to bring over some vests. I was just thinking the other day recalling your "snappy vests" reference... and there you are...

    Btw... That is Tomas O'Leary of the Irish Passive House Academy. They, (along with PHIUS) are the other group offering Passive House Training in the US. They have excellent course work and great reference material. Now there are two groups training in the US which I think means that interest in building low energy buildings has a future here.

    More people learning from both high quality groups means (to me) that those knewly acquired skills will find themselves into buildings. Perhaps for some of us it's a race to the top!

  3. homedesign | | #3

    Coincidence.... this Tomas O'Leary Article just showed up on the GBA News page

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