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Any experiences with Wool Life PureWool blown insulation?

KeithH | Posted in Green Products and Materials on


I’m looking into using blown wool for an attic insulation project. 

In looking into vendor options, I tripped over Wool Life (

They claim their wool product is spun in some way resulting in an R-value of 5.8, which is pretty much leading in the wool insulation class?  And leading in blown insulation?

So some questions for the GBA QA:
1.  Anyone have any experience with their product?

2.  Any reason to doubt the R-value assertion?  They provided a ASTM C117 result backing up the R5.8 result for a 1″ product.

3.  One wool vendor suggested removing the old existing fiberglass batts before blowing in.  I think I agree but I’m wondering what others think.


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  1. Expert Member
    NICK KEENAN | | #1

    I am suspicious of a R5.8/inch rating. Just about all fluffy insulations have an R value around 4/inch, because they rely on trapping air for their insulation power, and still air has an R-value of around 4. The exceptions are the closed cell foams, which have a gas other than air trapped in their closed cells and that gas has a higher R-value.

    Havelock makes a blown-in sheep's wool product and they claim R4.3/inch.

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