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Any thoughts regarding insulating a 1970s Cape Cod

sciguy13325 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I’m mulling over the purchase of a mid 70s built Cape Cod that’s come available locally due to foreclosure.  The price seems reasonable but I’ve not been inside to see what problems lurk. I understand that Capes are know to be difficult to effectively insulate. I’m wondering if removing the dormers, and going to an over deck insulation covered with a new metal roof might make sense.  Windows in the gable ends could be enlarged and upgraded at the same time to compensate for lost lighting.



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  1. PAUL KUENN | | #1

    Those little dormers don't even fit "the look". Begging to be taken away and better served with a PV solar array as it looks to be south facing. You could insulate the exterior of the dormers if you are thinking of rebuilding the roof but that is a lot of extra work if you've never done it before. Should be able to re-use the metal roof if it's in good shape as you'll most likely use 2x4 sleepers on top of the insulation for venting and good anchoring.

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