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Any tips on selling a new-in-box 48K BTU Mitsubishi Hyper Heat

1869farmhouse | Posted in General Questions on

I have the outdoor unit and two air handlers.  It’s too large for my project now, my old leaky building is now air tight and insulated.  Seems a waste to oversize but also seems a waste to sell if I can’t find a buyer that sees the value.

Is there an outlet for an item like this?

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  1. nickdefabrizio | | #1

    Craigslist and Ebay have mini splits for sale from time to time. The problem is that the purchaser needs to find an HVAC guy to install it.. which may be difficult.

    What state are you in?

    1. 1869farmhouse | | #2

      Right outside Kansas City, KS.

  2. Expert Member
    NICK KEENAN | | #3

    I find that Ebay is better in terms of delivering actual buyers. It seems like everyone on Craigslist spends their day responding to ads for stuff they're not really interested in. Even though the fees on Ebay add up you'll probably net more. Shipping may cost so much that it's not feasible, and local pickup may be your only option, which makes Ebay less appealing because it limits the audience.

    Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. Think of yourself back when you bought it originally. How much of a discount would you have had to get to take the risk of buying an open box unit? I think for most people it's around 50%.

    On Ebay, I have had luck selling things with a reserve price of what I actually am willing to accept but a low opening bid. That looks to be about a $5,000 unit, so maybe set your reserve price at $2500. Then set your opening bid at $250. People will see the low price and be drawn to your ad, they may even bid. Once they've spent some time looking at it they become emotionally invested and may go higher because they've convinced themselves they really want it. You may even get a bidding war. I've sold things for twice my reserve when a bidding war broke out.

    For an item like this -- expensive, local pickup -- I would expect it to sell slowly and most likely in an auction with only one bidder. Be prepared to wait weeks or months. If your auction expires with bids that don't meet the minimum, use the Ebay option to relist it, the bidders will get notification, the may decide to go a little higher. If you can't afford to wait weeks or months, list it with a low opening bid and no reserve.

    You could also donate it to a Habitat for Humanity and deduct fair market value off of your taxes.

  3. gusfhb | | #4

    First Facebook Marketplace

    Second, I have looked for a smaller single zone system for some time, and have found the things for sale in the used market uninteresting.
    You need to compare not what you paid for it but what the best available price is, and then consider whether warranty is available to the purchaser.

    I would see if you installation contractor has a use for it

  4. walta100 | | #5

    You are likely to take a 25 to 50% loss. Anyone no buying from an authorized dealer is taking a big risk and rightfully should expect and get a discount to compensate for that risk.

    The good thing about Craigslist and Facebook is people come and pick stuff up. The bad thing is it is a smaller market and prices are lower.

    EBay will sell stuff for more money but you pay fees and have to deal with shipping stuff.

    EBay is a very different place than it was in the early days. Today the buyer has all the advantages and can beat you out of your money and product easily. I think reserve auctions are useless in today market first people want stuff shipped today and have no interest in waiting 7 days for an auction to end. I say skip the reserve game and start the auction at the minimum price you are willing to accept with a buy it now price that will make you happy.

    If you bought from an authorized dealer call them, most will accept unopened product returns there may be a 15 or 20% restocking fee but that is way better than you are likely to get selling it yourself.


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