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QUIK-Stick HT Underlayment

VA_Engineer1 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Anybody ever use Mid States Asphalt MSA – Quik-Stick HT ice and water shield/peel and stick underlayment? Getting some better pricing than Titanium PSU or Grace Ice and Water Shield.   Appears to be 60 mil which seems thicker than psu 45 mil or grace 40 mil.  Seems like that’d be better – but wonder how well it adheres, long term, cold weather, sealing nails, etc.


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  1. ND4iOS | | #1

    Just a heads up with this product, the release tape on this product is terrible at its job, just rolling it out on a roof if there is any sun even on a cool day will make it want to not release from the felt and you end up either ripping the felt trying to get it off or the release tape just breaks up and your left with bits of the release tape permanently adhered to the felt making the sticking feature of this felt pointless. Not sure about the felts longevity though but just a heads up for when applying the felt, you want to do it on a cold day and very shaded with like zero sun, any amount of sun hits it it becomes really hard to work with, to near impossible to work with. If your putting on a brand new roof then you may just may be able to use it a little easier and if you plan on using this for a repair, make sure it gets into zero contact with anything that can cause a rise in temperature as the release tape they use is absolute junk, the moment it gets any amount of heat the release tape becomes completely useless, it will just bond to the felt within a minute. I'd recommend looking for a different felt if you plan on using it for any repairs or if you live in an area that is exposed to sunlight. Adhesion I would say is good but it it becomes useless due to the release tape.

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