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Anyone know of a supplier of low volume decent windows in the NJ area?

Chris_King | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Hi All,
Looking to replace my old 1970 windows. But due to fund restrictions I can only do a room or two at a time. So I am only looking to buy 4-5 windows at a time. Anyone know of a place around NJ that can supply windows without a minimum shipping charge like you get from high quality window places. The big orange home improvement store hasn’t been very helpful as they can’t give me concrete specifics on the windows they sell beyond its energy star rated.

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  1. _matt_p | | #1

    You may want to check out this company. with contact info [email protected] . They sell European tilt and turn windows in your area. Standard sizes are in stock and hence no explicit shipping charge for getting them from Europe. Anything out of the ordinary will need to be ordered and hence shipping will accrue. Best, Matthias

  2. Chris_King | | #2

    Thanks Matthias exactly what I was looking for, much appreciated.

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