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Apex Windows U-0.14 and U-0.1 – Reviews?

airfix | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I just had a door to door salesman come over and preach the benefits of Apex windows.  The are reported to be U-0.14 with argon and U-0.1 with krypton in their triple pane vinyl windows.

I’m building in climate zone 6a and my house is a beer can throw below 7,000ft.  I was planning to use Windsor double pane aluminium clad wood windows that come in at about U-0.3.

The sales guy was adamant that they have no problem with a fully sealed window with argon or krypton being installed at 7,000ft and claims there are never any problems with seals or pressure difference and the gas leaking.  I asked how he knew that, the answer is because we’ve installed thousands of windows in your area 🙂

I’d pretty much written off using vinyl windows due to the environmental issue associate with the production of vinyl.  However following my heatloss analysis and seeing 25% of my heating load and 48% of my cooling load come from my windows I’m interested in what these guys are all about.

Their door to door salesman business model is quite strange in this day and age, so I’m suspicious.

They are going to provide a quote but I thought I’d bounce their name around here to see if anybody has any input?



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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I've never heard of Apex Windows. Googling reveals that there is a company called Apex Windows in Luton, England, U.K., but I doubt if that is the right company.

    There is a company in Zionsville, Indiana called Apex Energy Group, and an online article informs readers that "Apex credits door-to-door pitch for windows-sales success." That storyline isn't very promising, frankly.

  2. airfix | | #2


    Based off their business cards it is that one in Indiana all the email addresses are

    Their website is a full of color and design but without any details of their products.

    They did not give me a feeling of them being a knowledgeable, skilled and reputable company but their U values got my attention. The "lifetime warranty on everything" sales pitch and their lack of understanding of noble gas retention at higher elevations will make me steer clear but I thought I'd see if anybody knew of them here.


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