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Applying RedGard and tile in shifts

smoke_teff | Posted in General Questions on

Hi all, I am preparing to apply liquid RedGard crack prevention membrane and after that to install tile in a large basement (~400 sq ft). I will be doing this alone. Never having done this before, what I want to know is…

-Is there a maximum amount of time between applying the RedGard and laying the tile? Can I paint the RedGard on and then wait two, three, or ten days before laying the tile?

-Will I encounter any problem laying the tile in shifts? Let’s say I do 100 sq ft. on Monday, can I wait until Wednesday or Thursday to keep going with the rest of the area?

-Any special precautions I should be sure to take if I’m potentially going to be spacing out the installation this way?

Thanks very much!

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  1. jameshowison | | #1

    Probably best to ask on JohnBridge forum, but I'm pretty sure that you can wait a long time as long as not walking over it (or dogs etc). Most large tile jobs are split up, I believe that a leveling system is crucial and leaving things in a stair step, rather than a big straight line. Probably best to use a running bond or offset pattern.

  2. Expert Member


    RedGard is a lot more forgiving of defects when used as an isolation membrane that as waterproofing. You can leave the RedGard for as long as you want. It isn't UV stable so y0u should cover areas exposed to direct sunlight (unlikely in a basement) and try not to get it too dusty.

    You can tile any amount you want and stop whenever you like. Just make sure to remove the excess mortar beyond the area you have tiled with a smooth trowel. The only thing that is time-sensitive when you are tiling is the length of working time you have once the mortar or grout has slaked.

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