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Are there any centralized residential HVAC/Dehum & Ventilation control systems for multiple zones?

Aston01 | Posted in Mechanicals on

I recently retrofitted a ranch-style house to a 3 – Zone ducted Mitsubishi system. While it works great I’ve come to realize that I need a stand-alone dehumidifier and likely some improved ventilation as well.

In the process of educating myself on the topic I’ve been watching some CERV2 webinars and come to understand the value of being able to measure what is going on in specific rooms when it comes to temp, humidity, CO2 & VOC.

As it currently stands the HVAC systems need their thermostats, Dehum would need it’s control system & ventilation unit would need a control system.

Without going down the rabbit hole of specifics I was curious if there was any type of scalable centralized control to be able to monitor various sensors for the different units and make intelligent decisions?

I know Mitsubishi has their Kumo cloud system but so far as much as I love the actual equipment, I have been less than impressed with their control systems … and that is not even factoring in the $$$ premium you pay for them.

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