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Are these screws appropriate for holding on PT rainscreen?

ltgrimms | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Im looking to attach a rainscreen overtop of 1.5-2″ of comfortbatt insulation. I’m in Calgary, Alberta and will be putting a wood siding overtop of the rainscreen. Both screws meet the requiremens in the comfotbatt installation manual and I want to know if there is any reason not to use them for this application.

Thanks for any feedback–10-x-3-1-2-inch-square-drive-flat-head-deck-screw-unc-in-brown-500pcs/1000109800–10-x-4-inch-star-drive-r4-multi-purpose-framing-screws-propack-270pcs/1000739585

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  1. Expert Member


    The GRK framing screw is a much better screw than the Paulin deck screw.

    If it were me, I'd use regular lumber for the rain-screen furring. If you go with pt, and are using ACQ pt lumber, and not MCA, you should check they are rated for that.

  2. freyr_design | | #2

    Yes grk for the win. Also consider giving a slight upward angle to the screw to create the truss forces

  3. Expert Member
    Akos | | #3

    I use roofing deck screws. These are sold at most roofing places for holding down rigid insulation on flat roof, come in many lengths, have an actual rating and way cheaper than anything at the box store.

  4. rkymtnoffgrd | | #4

    I used Jake Sales... a box of 750 count, #10 x 5" exterior coated torx drive wood screws. $152 dollars per box. With 5" screws I have twisted the heads off the cheaper box store brands, #10s are good, 5" gets you through 3/4" screen, 2" insulation, 1/2" sheathing and anchors 1.75" in the studs... Compare that price to the box store... I used 2boxes on my 1000sf house every 12" vertically, 24"OC screen.... Free shipping, one of the last that still doesn't have sales tax...

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