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Asphalt shingles already degrading on a five-year-old roof

MikeonLI | Posted in General Questions on

Hi everyone,

attached are some pics of my five year old asphalt shingle roof. As you can see, the asphalt shingles are already degraded pretty badly in certain areas. Those areas seem to correspond to areas where there are branches overhanging the roof. 

Can there be anything coming off the branches that can cause premature wear of the roof? Seems like the shingles should
last much longer. It’s definitely degradation and not moss or anything growing. Thanks!

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  1. Mauro_Zammarano | | #1


  2. Expert Member
    DCcontrarian | | #2

    You don't say what climate you're in but I'm thinking icicles forming on the branches and then falling on the roof.

  3. MikeonLI | | #3

    I’m in Long Island ny. There hasn’t been any hail or anything like that since the roof was installed in late 2019. The pattern is so pervasive on large parts of the roof that it’s hard to see how it could be icicles

  4. MikeonLI | | #4

    There was foot traffic in that area when siding work was being done. But I’m struggling to understand how foot traffic could cause such damage on a new roof

  5. walta100 | | #5

    In hot weather the shingles get very soft and could easily be damaged by foot traffic.

  6. greenright | | #6

    This wear is completely unacceptable for 5 years. If you used a legitimate installer they will honor the manufacturer warranty on the shingles which is usually far longer than 5 years. Call the installer and let them handle it.

  7. gusfhb | | #7

    IMO foot traffic wears the lower edges of the shingles, so this is not foot traffic
    Who is the manufacturer of the shingles
    Seems like a product failure rather than installation failure

  8. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #8


    If you're still in contact with the roofer, I would start with them. If not, I would go to the manufacturer. This is not normal.

  9. MikeonLI | | #9

    Ok thanks. I will follow up with my roofer shortly. Happy to hear any other explanations for this roof damage. Very strange.

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