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Attaching Ipe vertical siding

carl_f | Posted in General Questions on


I’m looking for some advice on the attachment method for Ipe vertical siding.

Specifically, I plan to use “rainscreen” profiled Ipe boards in conjunction with DeckWise® Siding Fasteners.  These are more detailed here ( as well as in the pics attached.

The wall assembly will be ZIP-R 3.6 attached to 2×6 framing

This siding seems to be almost exclusively installed horizontally where it’s recommended that the fasteners be used every 16″.  Obviously, that on its own is not enough for installation in a vertical orientation.

My thoughts are to still use the fasteners every 16″ but additionally:

1.  Install inline blocking every 48″ to provide more substantial support than just the sheathing.

2. Additionally screwing directly through the boards into the framing, but I’m not sure how to figure out the spacing on this.  Maybe at the top and bottom and every 48″ as well (i.e. into the blocking)?  Obviously, I am going for as invisible fastener look as possible…

I will do some type of rain screen between the siding and the sheathing – while furring strips have been recommended, seems to me horizontal furring strips would defeat the purpose.  Diagonal and matrix furring seem overly complex.  I’m thinking Benjamin Obdyke Slicker Rainscreen.

Any thoughts, feedback?  I know I’m making this difficult by using Ipe with all the associated pre-drilling and maintenance…

FYI, I’m in zone 4a (central KY) and the other siding in the pic is fiber cement vertical siding.



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  1. user-2310254 | | #1


    Have you tried calling Advantage Lumber or one of the other online vendors that sells Ipe for decks and siding?

    One observation, I used Ipe for the decks on my last house. Along with being very durable, it is also quite heavy. If you are installing it horizontally, I am wondering if the ZIP's OSB is going to have enough holding strength for the segments that are between studs. You probably want to check with Huber's technical service department.

  2. carl_f | | #2

    I did talk with Advantage - they don't really have any recommendations for vertical installation. I'm hoping that 48" OC blocking will provide the majority of the holding strength, but good point on reaching out to Huber.

  3. carl_f | | #4

    thanks - that looks to be very helpful!

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