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Average cost for air sealing work?

Ana Echevarria | Posted in General Questions on

Thank you for your response. I want to be prepared when I call a home improvement contractor. So, I want to ask a couple of questions.
I would like to know what the average cost to this work could possibly be. Also, previously, I had the idea of using foam and then the fiber glass insulation. Is that similar to what you stated? In addition, would cellulose be a better insulator than fiber glass? Lastly, could I have the sealer put in without tearing down walls and forego the insulation, right away?
Thanks in advance for your response.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    The cost of air sealing work varies widely, depending on whether the work is performed during a new construction project or on an old house.

    To track down air leaks -- and seal them -- in an old house can sometimes take a crew of three workers several days.

    In a new-construction situation, air sealing work should be part of almost every worker's job. Ideally, gaskets are placed under the bottom plates as walls are raised, and all penetrations through the thermal envelope are air-sealed as work progresses.

    If the crew hasn't been paying attention to air sealing, and the contractor decides to address air sealing late in the project -- after the walls have been framed but before insulation is installed -- the work can either be easy or extraordinarily difficult, depending on the type of construction and the care exercised by the workers on site.

  2. Albert Rooks | | #2


    We hired Echo Energy in Olympia WA to do our airsealing of a 2000 ft2 office in 20 year commercial building. We went from 9 airchanges per hour to less than two. That's a big improvement. We spent $1500 doing it and I think the value is certainly in line with the results.

    However... Our building had simple and accessible area's. Your home may be more difficult to reach a low number like ours. For us, simply sealing around the outlets and some obvious holes did a lot to improve things.

  3. Ana Echevarria | | #3

    Thank you for your response Albert. It is very helpful in giving me an idea of what I should be aware of in this project of mine.

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