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Basement- how much insulation do I need

thegiz | Posted in General Questions on

So trying to create a playroom in unfinished basement for kids.  I attached a picture of general layout.  The main room I want to keep comfortable is 23 by 13.5, not including a wall I plan to build to separate furnace.  I have 2 ft thick concrete wall that separate areas in basement.  In 2 years I’m adding an addition and basement will be attached to garage on wall away from stairs.  So a few questions:

1. Interior concrete walls do I use 1 in foam board to separate framing and wall or skip insulation and just leave in 1 inch air gap.

2. If an entire exterior wall will be attached to addition in 2 years, hence making it an interior concrete wall do I still insulate and frame that wall.

3. Is it more cost effective for me to just heat this room for 2 years without insulation and make floor more comfortable for kids until addition is put in.  Also if I go this route concrete wall is rough and needs work.  Do I re stucco the walls or use some other material just to make walls more kid friendly

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    What climate zone are you in? How much insulation you need depends on your climate zone, at least as far as the minimum amount of insulation goes.


  2. thegiz | | #2

    I’m in climate zone 5 nyc metro area

  3. walta100 | | #3

    I think in 2 years basement insulating will not pay for itself.
    Closets in basement are a bad idea. Not enough air circulation everything in them smells musty.

    I say skip the laundry room put the machines behind a pair of doors you can open on laundry day and close when not in use.

    I say the wall is smooth enough the kids are smart and will learn how to not get hurt.


  4. thegiz | | #4

    Thanks Walta, kids should figure out how not to get hurt on it, that would be most economical

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