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Insulation and Smart Vapor Retarder for Unfinished Basement

alcoprop | Posted in General Questions on

I am a new New Construction builder and wondering what would be a good option for basement wall insulation in an unfinished basement. Most of the homes that I will be starting to build will all have unfinished basements with plans for the clients to finish at a later date. I hate the “builder grade” 4′ down insulation that everyone seems to use. This obviously still needs to be cost effective and available! Maybe a foam board glued to the wall with a smart barrier taped to the sub slab insulation. Then running a 24″ strip of that smart barrier under the mud sill before it is attached to the top of the wall. This way we have continuous all the way around?

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  1. alcoprop | | #1


  2. BirchwoodBill | | #2

    For the mud sill, you want to use acoustical sealant…use the search button for mud sill.

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