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Basement wall options

Muddytyres | Posted in General Questions on

We’re tearing out our basement walls and replacing the moldy 2×4 (up against the block)/Fiberglass/drywall  walls with polyiso (should I go double thick since we’re doing it?) and then 2x4walls. Zone 5-a
what covering options do we have? I have read to not use drywall again due to mold  but what options are there? We’re shopping little local shops or big box stores for materials. I do have a metal roofing manufacturer close too- is metal an option?
I couldn’t find the articles that actually talked about specific products that could be used. And I’m not going to just believe the advertising of the companies.

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  1. TNCave | | #1

    I am not a building expert, but have found the ORNL foundation handbook very useful.

    Good luck.

  2. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #2

    The polyiso will probably solve the mold problem. Mold in basement walls is usually due to either moisture seeping in through the foundation wall, or warm, moist indoor air condensing on the cool foundation wall. The polyiso you’re installing should solve both issues. Two layers does help with air sealing if you stagger the seams. There are articles on this site detailing wall construction like you’re going to be doing, there are different ways to do it depending on what your needs are.

    This is a great place to use reclaimed polyiso too since it won’t be visible. Check on Craig’s list for “polyiso” and “rigid foam insulation”, see what comes up. Most areas will have at least a few options.


  3. jberks | | #3

    I'd suggest taking the opportunity to waterproof on the interior side if the foundation before placing the insulation.

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