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Basement window well installation/insulation questions

gunddyy | Posted in General Questions on
We recently removed an old deck which led us to replacing a rotten rim joist along the whole side of the house. We are adding some 1″ rigid insulation along the bottom as you can see. We decided on putting a new [window well]( in while we’re at. I installed this window maybe 3 years ago and I wanted to remove the flashing on the sides and bottom to see what was under there. I found some little bugs that were crawling in the yellow expanding foam, so apparently I didn’t seal that well (around the top corners). I’m going to cut the top flashing along the silicone so I can seal that up better, too. I bought some [FlexCoat]( foundation coating to cover the rigid after we get the last couple rows of siding up.
I’m just a little lost on how to properly seal this area and have a few questions:
* Do I install the window well over the rigid or directly to the foundation? I’m leaning towards directly on the foundation and just leaving the rigid on the outside of the window well. 
* Should I put the foundation coating over the exposed foundation and the exposed expanding foam right up to the windows wooden frame? Maybe first caulk some silicone in there especially around the shims (I forgot to do that before).
* Do I not flash the window at all? I’m thinking about in the future if we ever replace this window again. If the foundation coating is up to the wooden frame of the window could I get some window trim, attach a pvc piece to it to fill that gap around the window flange (create an L) and nail/screw that in there? Then just silicone around that?
* Do I need a drip edge along the top of the window?
I’ve watched videos/read reddit posts but I just can’t figure out the proper way to do this. Thanks!
Here are some pictures:

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