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Bathroom fan location

JoeNorm | Posted in General Questions on

My upstairs bathroom has a vaulted ceiling, parallel to the roof. There is a 18 inch cavity where I will install fluffy insulation and have an air gap below the sheathing for ventilation. 

I am wondering about the bath fan. I’m not too inclined to drop the ceiling in the bathroom although it is an option if need be. I have read here that it may be a bad idea to have the fan installed in the vaulted ceiling.

Would putting the fan in the exterior wall be a better? Or can I do an impeccable air sealing job and it will be fine in the vaulted cavity? Or is dropping the ceiling far and away the best option?

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  1. Expert Member


    Rather than interfere with the roof or exterior wall, consider dropping a bulkhead. Design it to look good architecturally and perhaps incorporate some lights too. That removes all the problems with air-sealing and insulation.

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