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Bedroom egress window requirements

user-1137156 | Posted in Building Code Questions on

Do I still need to use an “egress” window? My master “suite” has two entry-exit paths, one through a central hallway and a second that opens into the ‘family room” The family room has an exterior door located immediately to the right as one enters from the master suite.

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  1. ethant | | #1

    You also have to look at "light and air" requirements. But yes... you need to be able to exit to an exterior location which is then accessible to a public way (not an enclosed courtyard, for example).

  2. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #2

    Yes, you need at least one exit directly to the outdoors. It can't go through another room, even a closet or bathroom that are part of a suite. It can be a window or door, as long as they meet size requirements.

  3. Expert Member

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