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Energy Modeling Software for Mac Computer

tdbaugha | Posted in General Questions on

Are there any energy modelling programs that work on mac?  I downloaded BEopt but it is only for PC

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  1. tim_dilletante | | #1

    You could run Windows in a virtual machine on the Mac. VirtualBox and a trial version of Windows are both free. It takes some effort, but at least you can run BeOpt.

  2. brad_rh | | #2

    You could run EnergyPlus.

  3. Deleted | | #3


  4. dankolbert | | #4

    You can run ResCheck off the website; don't need to download the software.

  5. tdbaugha | | #5

    Thanks everyone!

  6. Adam_F | | #6

    You can install Boot camp and Windows 10 on a Mac and then download Beopt and run from there. I'm doing that right now on a 2015 macbook pro and it works well.

  7. StephenGlover | | #7

    Hi there! There are a few options for energy modeling software that work on Mac computers. One option is EnergyPlus, which is a free program developed by the US Department of Energy. Another option is IESVE, which is a more comprehensive paid software. You can also check out OpenStudio, which is an open-source software that supports energy modeling. The reddit thread " " could be helpful for those who are looking for Windows 10 activation keys.

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