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Best cold weather multi position whole home heat pump

toothman2020 | Posted in Mechanicals on

I’m wanting to have a whole home multi position heat pump in my home. 

Besides Mitsubishi are there other reputable companies for cold climate zone 7 heat pumps? Panasonic, Fujitsu, Daikin?  I’m needing 32k btu heat and 37k cooling. Most likely a three ton unit is required. 

I can’t find info on these other companies for cold weather. Steve Grinwis installed a Mitsubishi unit but recommended avoiding this product if multiple zones where in the plans. The rational for this was Mitsubishi did not make the zoning equipment and he experienced many issues with it.

Thanks for the help



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  1. 1869farmhouse | | #1

    I know you said “anything but”, but I install exclusively Mitsubishi mini splits (not employed by Mitsubishi), and typically their H2i or Hyper Heat units.

    The branch box Mitsubishi supplies is top notch for multi-zone, short of VRF as far as I can tell. You’re low btu modulation is definitely sacrificed a bit, but less so than any other units I’ve seen and it beats octupussing a bunch of outdoor units if you need several tons for heating.

    1. toothman2020 | | #2

      Austin G

      Thanks for the reply. I’m not in need of a multi zone heat pump. Rather a multi position. Like the Mitsubishi Zuba. Looks like a furnace that would be in a basement.

  2. aunsafe2015 | | #3

    Does something like this fit the bill?

    I think it's a relatively new product from Fujitsu. There was a post about it on this forum within the past few months that you might be able to find.

  3. toothman2020 | | #4

    Aun Safe

    Yes this is the setup I am after.

    However, I want the outdoor unit and corresponding indoor unit to work in really cold weather.

    Mitsubishi has their hyper heat, Daikin has Aurora, Fujitsu has XLTH (extreme low temperature heat). All of these units are similar. I assume they share near identical features and technology. Moreover, besides Mitsubishi I cannot find specs on these other asian ashp. Especially, regarding their cold weather outdoor units which correspond to these indoor multi position/ whole home heat pumps.


    1. Patrick_OSullivan | | #5

      You need to look at the units' expanded performance tables to ensure that combo you select can supply your heating load at the design temp for your location and not just the nameplate capacity.

      Sometimes these can be tricky to find, but they're out there. One useful resource for some of the info (not the full expanded performance info) is the NEEP cold climate air source heat pump database:!/product_list/

  4. toothman2020 | | #6


    NEEP is a good start. Unfortunately, it’s lacking what I’m looking for. It has no info of these other brands. All the best

    1. Expert Member
      Akos | | #7

      I don't know, NEEP list is pretty good, just select single zone centrally ducted and adjust the 5F slider to your BTU needs. Look for units that don't take a nosedive in output from 47F to 5F.!/product/33950!/product/33949!/product/33673!/product/33645!/product/25279!/product/33505

  5. frankcrawford | | #8

    The Artic air the water heat pump has an air handler option that works to -25 C, with a COP above 1. It has electric backup below that. You lose some efficiency going from air to water and back to air but it can make domestic hot water as well as space heat.

    The Daikin Fit product data says it works down to -20 F and it works with a number of air handlers. Likely have too get the heating performance graph from a dealer.

  6. Tom_P_G | | #9

    We had been planning a new ICF out East of Pittsburg, and were looking last year at doing radiant floors and considering Air Source Heat pump, but also will need AC etc. I was having a real tough time finding someone knowledgeable about them. I was looking at Nordic, but for info but thought very interesting. We want to get the house started this spring, but am really going to need to find an a better knowledge base than what we have locally, for both design and installation I think. It looks like there are some new systems out there that I should consider. Open to any suggestions, since doing AC seemed to be getting up there in cost.

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