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Best Filter for Mitsubishi Zuba Central

T.I.P. | Posted in General Questions on

Hi all,

I’m replacing my electric furnace with a Zuba ducted and I’m also adding a Panasonic ERV but I’m looking for the best filtration possible. I asked another question about filtration options (UV etc) and have chosen to stick with the basics as a result but now I’m wondering what the biggest (highest MERV) filter I can fit on the unit without sacrificing performance. My installer seems to be very concerned with pressure loss and is only focused on a 1″ filter installed in a simple slot. Something like the Aprilaire 1610 seems like it would be a good option and most reviews claim there’s no pressure loss. 

My Zuba will be the following:
Outdoor unit PUZ HA 36NKA
Indoor unit PVA-A36AA w 15kw back-up


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  1. jwasilko | | #1

    We have aprilaire filters on both of our Mitsubishi SVZ air handlers and they've worked out great. Our previous air handlers also used 4" cardboard framed filters. The filtration and low pressure loss are the keys, and also we only change our filter annually.

    The really cool thing about the aprilaire filters is how they're shipped collapsed, which saves on shipping costs.

    The fact that your HVAC guy doesn't know that a 4" pleated filter can have less resistance than a 1" filter is a bit scary...

  2. jwasilko | | #2 is a good test video that shows the 4" filters have less impact on static pressure than thinner filters

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